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A Call to Action


​It has become apparent that public education has not evolved in pursuit of equality or in a quest for maximum academic achievement for all students, but is responding to the developing needs of the market place. The inequality in education has “its roots in the class structure it serves to legitimize and reproduce”. Instructional practices in this country are designed to produce A students, B students, C students and of course D and F students. Instructional methods limit access to course content, especially in mathematics. Students from diverse backgrounds come to school with different needs.  All students receive the same type instruction in an environment of competition. It is common knowledge that cooperation promotes and maximizes learning. Additionally, students in cooperative conditions have less disagreement and conflict, greater personal acceptance, support from peers and more help and collaboration among group members. Students working in cooperative conditions develop better self-esteem and become positive academically. Today in the United States mastering mathematics has become more important then ever. Students with a strong grasp of mathematics have an advantage in academics and in the job market. Parents and concerned educators must take responsibility and make sure that our students are being prepared to compete. We must start as early as possible building mathematics proficiency. 

​Amir R.C. Glymph, M.A.

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