The Lives We Impact

I have had the pleasure of working with Mr. Ron Glymph for the past two years as a math consultant to the district afterschool program. Mr. Glymph has been a valuable member to the afterschool family. He has willingly volunteered his time and passion for math to our district as both a trainer for staff and a workshop presenter for parents. His passion for math is infectious and he leaves an indelible mark on students that he comes in contact with. 

Joann Arowosegbe,
ASES District Facilitator
Inglewood Unified School District

The Challenge

Students struggle to learn advance mathematics because they lack the mastery of foundation mathematics skills. For these students, the lack of prerequisite skills serve to block access to grade level mathematics. Additionally...

We have a simple mission: "To create unequaled interest, excitement, and proficiency in K-12 mathematics among disadvantages youth."  Career-technical education prepares kids for careers in STEM related fields.

Our Misson

"I am a Family Therapist that understands the importance of self-esteem in the lives of children and too often I have seen students lose the ability to see themselves as successful. Mathematics is an area where the lack of self-esteem or the ability to find worth in your accomplishments is all too prevalent." "What a wonderful tool you have developed! I highly recommend it to everyone who knows children who are struggling with math and I would encourage them to join in the fun and play Math Maze with the kids." "Children began to believe that they could be successful in math and I could see self-esteem increase right before my eyes."

Norma Scarborough, DMFT, LMFT
Clinical Director
ā€‹Project Impact

The Academic Prep Squad is a mathematics intervention project sponsored by Visions Made Viable, a California 501(c)(3) nonprofit.  The project aims to prepare students K-12 for success in mathematics. The Academic Prep 

Squad routinely conducts workshops and training programs for teachers and administrators; as well as parents and students at not cost to them.  These instructional events provide participants with the knowledge of how to improve students' attitudes about math which increases their engagement in learning.

Who We Are


Academic Preparation