Academic Preparation

 Parent Registration, Permission & Release form  


Please complete and mail this Registration form to the address on the bottom of this form or bring it to the event.

Yes,  I want to participate in the Math Maze Game tournament.


My child’s name is:


He/ She is in the: ________ grade at ________________________________________________ school.


My telephone number is:                                                    My email address is :


Parent signature indicating approval for my participation: 



This is to both inform you and request permission for your child’s picture, voice, video, work and or first name to be published in or on educational or promotional materials. Images may be used on the internet and other promotional materials to demonstrate the use of the math maze game system.

Accordingly, we will not release any information without prior written consent from you.

This permission will be applicable to any use of picture, video, work or voice taken in the year in which permission is given and will remain in effect until the picture, video, work or voice is removed

I, hereby grant permission for any photo/image, voice, video or work to be used on promotional media and other materials belonging to the organizations hosting the tournament.


Name: ____________________________________________________________________________

Name of Parent/Legal Guardian:  (print) _______________________________________________                 
Signature of Parent/Legal Guardian: (sign) _____________________________________________               

DATE: ______________

Please print, complete and send this form to: Academic Preparation Squad: 811 North Catalina Avenue Suite # 3000 Redondo Beach, California 90277. …..You may also register on-site prior to the tournament.h here.